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Our dedication to a transparent, inclusive, and collaborative research environment in which academic institutions, authors, and researchers may exchange information and build on one another's efforts to improve outcomes is firmly rooted in the idea of open access.

FLAYOO PHL Open Access Information and Policy

Every paper that FLAYOO PHL publishes is immediately accessible to everyone globally under an open access license. This implies:

1. Access to the full text of every paper published in FLAYOO PHL journals is unrestrictedly free;

2. Everyone is free to reuse published content as long as due credit and attribution are given to the original source;

3. By paying a relatively little Article Processing Charge (APC) for approved publications, the authors' institutes or research funding bodies promote open access publishing.


Reusing an entire or a portion of an article published by FLAYOO PHL, including figures and tables, is not subject to further authorization. Any portion of articles published under the open access Creative Common CC BY license may be used again without asking as long as the source is acknowledged. Reusing an article doesn't mean that FLAYOO PHL or its writers are endorsing it.