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The first step in publishing in FLAYOO PHL journal is choosing the appropriate outlet for your work.

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Want to plan, organize, publish, and promote your work without being sidetracked? You are in the right place. Receive efficient, practical help for the whole research cycle, from idea to publication to promotion.

Authors and researchers have a variety of options for publishing their work in high-quality open-access journals with rigorous peer review integrity and openness. Our dedicated technical and editorial team members ensure the quality of the research articles that are published. We have editorial board members that are well acclaimed and devoted from a wide range of academic fields, ensuring that the quality and review standards are in line with global research publishing standards, as well as the timely publication of research papers.

Publishing with FLAYOO PHL

You may increase your chances of publication by using this lesson to pick the best magazine.

1. Look for a Journal
Learn which journals would be the greatest places to publish your findings. Learn more about each journal after using the JournalFinder tool to match your manuscript. Click here to view journal galleries.

2. Get ready to submit your paper
You may download the authors' guidelines, which describe the critical phases in writing a paper, here.

3. Manuscript Submission
Our online platforms allow you to submit to the journals. On the site of your selected journal, click the "Make a Submission" link to access the submission system. You will be prompted to register as an Author. Please do so with a valid email address which would be used for subsequent correspondence with the journal. In the alternately, if a journal has encouraged you to submit, adhere to the directions they have given you.

4. Track your submission
Online tracking is available for your submitted article. You can use the same method that you used to submit to track your submission. You may also contact the Editorial Office with the manuscript number, title and journal name in order to get updates on your submission.

5. Share and Promote.
Your paper can now be promoted so that it has more of an influence on the scholarly community. You become more well-known in your profession if you share your research, successes, and goals with more people. You may build a better reputation, publicize your study, and advance in your profession by doing this, which increases the number of citations you receive.